Every so often a film comes along that so exceeds your expectations that it reminds you why you love great movies so much. There's so much badly written and acted cinema released nowadays that one can become accustomed to disappointment by inferior sequels and big budget rubbish. This film is the best film I have seen all year and one of the best films I've seen in twenty years and I don't really usually like musicals.

It's poignant, thoughtful, beautifully shot, superbly acted by a stellar cast of three leads and benefits from one of the best soundtracks in years. What makes it stand above so many films in the boy meets girl vein is that it so wonderfully captures that time of your life when aged 17 or 18 you stand on the cusp of life brimming with possibilities and potential and experiencing love for probably the first time. The slightly dingy lodgings, the importance of music in your adolescent life - it's all here. It captures a heady cocktail of emotions and for the two hours of this film I found myself experiencing those sensations of being 18 all over again. In that sense it's a trip laced with nostalgia and wistful memories and I encourage anyone to take it.

I didn't know any of Belle and Sebastian's music but have already bought the soundtrack album and plan to explore more music from Stuart Murdoch - the soundtrack is a wonderful complement to the film.

Its hard to believe that this film was made on a shoestring budget and scripted by a man who had never made any films before.

A cinema masterpiece for all lovers of intelligent cinema whether male or female, this is a film both sexes will enjoy - ideal for a couples night in with a bottle of wine and a bowl of pasta.

Just buy it!!

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