I first stumbled across this film as a Lovefilm rental but my wife and I loved it so much we immediately bought a copy so we could watch it again and again. I think we have watched it at least five times since then and we have come to appreciate it more and more with repeated viewings.

The casting of Amy Adams and Matthew Goode is sublime. Amy Adams gives her greatest ever performance as initially a spoiled American woman who gradually appreciates what is important in life and comes to appreciate the virtues of her travelling companion. Matthew Goode gives a towering performance as her cynical, sarcastic and patronising bar owner and fellow traveller. My wife is Irish and claims she cannot tell he isn't. Not only does he perfectly emulate the voice but he nails the mannerisms, intonation and personality of the Irish too. Both actors give the performance of their career which helps sweep the viewer along on the journey beside them. Amy is utterly gorgeous and I found myself completely falling in love with her while watching the film.

The writing and dialogue is sparkling, indeed I would go so far as to say that the writing is a work of genius. This film has made us roar with laughter on multiple occasions and later actually cry with its poignancy. If you've ever found yourself slowly falling in love with somebody you shouldn't or found yourself wrestling with unexpected emotions then you will strongly relate to this film. Ally the brilliant writing with cinematography so beautiful I don't think Ireland has ever looked better, then throw in music that is a supreme match for the moment and you don't just have a good film, you have a cinema masterpiece made with care and love by people at the top of their game. This isn't even a mere film of the year, it's the greatest Irish movie ever and one of the best films I have ever seen.

Better still it achieves all this without recourse to vulgarity, foul language or the kind of gritty violence so beloved of modern film-makers. You could watch this with your partner, your 80 year old Gran or your 8 year old Daughter - we have and every single one of them has loved it. I haven't shown this film to anyone yet who hasn't loved it - it's irresistable.

My wife and I have just watched it for probably the sixth time on St Patrick's night and yet again we have laughed, cringed, cried and loved every single second of it. This isn't the usual rom-con tripe - it's a movie of real quality which can be enjoyed by men and women alike. It's like falling in love with the love of your life all over again.

Buy it and fall in love too,

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